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B&W ultrasound image
Such a thrill to see the ultrasound!

2 girls, 1 boy, born October 20, 2003
dam:SkeeterakaCh Dells Wind Spirit
sire:HarryakaCh Dells Silver Lining

Skeeter was a challenge to get pregnant. After many tests, exams, etc., the third attempt was successful.

One day old
10 oz
13 oz
12 oz
1 day old

This was a normal c-section. Skeeter was dropped off at the Manzano Animal Clinic and 2 hours later she walked out to the van with her basket of 3 hollering pups. Bulldog pups are born quite helpless. Eyes are closed, ears are visibly sealed and the pups need to be constantly stimulated to urinate and defecate. This neonatal period consists of eating, sleeping, and staying warm. The pups do have a sense of smell and will respond to your touch. This is a time for gentle massage several times a day.

The first couple of days the feeding schedule is 1 hour on mom and 2 hours in the incubator. That stretches a half hour every couple days and at 10 days the time off is 3 to 3 1/2 hours with a 5+ hour stretch in the middle of the night. The incubator is a very simple homemade affair but it works. The temperature is easy to control and varies about 10 degrees from one end to the other so the pups can seek out what is comfortable for them. The floor is soft and very bumpy to challenge their movement and help to avoid flat chests. Receiving blankets, tee shirts,and cut up sweats are wonderful. No turkish towels. Pups hook their nails.

Don't forget - lots of cuddle clutching.

Annie with one of the pups

18 oz
25 oz
24 oz
10 days old

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