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8 weeks old

Skeeter has been teaching the pups so many things. It is important for pups to interact with siblings and be disciplined by mom at this stage. Pups that are separated at too early an age (6 weeks or so) have a tendency to develope agression problems later in life. It is fun to watch mom roll a ball and coax the pups to chase it with her. Then she would roll it and wait to see if they would initiate the chase. The same with rope tugs and stuffed toys. They were learning how to play. They have cardboard boxes with door holes cut out. They drag toys in the box and roll around and pop their heads out like Moray eels. Be creative. A plank stretched across 2 cinder blocks makes a great bridge. Plastic pans are such fun to sit in or to curl up and take a nap.

This age is the start of the fear period. Almost anything can startle them. Do not baby the pup or you will enforce the fear. Be casual and perhaps play with the pup. You do not want to contribute to teaching the pup to be afraid. It is not too soon to start training the pup to walk on a leash and to put the pup on a table (with non-slip surface) and start the sit and stand while grooming.

Pups thrive on the one on one attention. It also enforces that you are ALPHA. Don't you ever forget that.

Note: Pups should have been to your Vet by now for a thorough exam and the start of puppy shots. Check with your Vet as to their schedule.

8 weeks old

Going home

A good time to consider packing toys and placing pups that you are not keeping. If you have more than one pup still in the nest you must start to separate them occasionally so they bond with people and not each other. Separate crates to sleep in and walks on a leash individually. If you have not started the 7's yet, get busy. Pups should walk on 7 different surfaces (grass, carpeting, gravel, wood etc), eat from 7 different dishes in 7 different places. They should be handled and walked by 7 different people and play in 7 different rooms or areas. There are a few more 7's - use your imagination.

As you can see Skeeter and her team-mate are back in the swing of obedience training. Maybe they will go for some titles and maybe they will just have fun.

Skeeter & Don

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