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Dellitebull Bulldogs is no longer breeding Bulldogs. The following page is left here for reference only.

Past Puppy Plans
now..... soon..... later..... whenever!
During the past three years we have had one puppy.
There are three maiden gals living here that should be bred at least once.
We will probably breed the following as they come in heat.
Being selective has not worked.
We will continue with all health exams and performance titles.
The show ring when possible.

Dam & Grandsire

Dells Will O'the Wisp CD, RN, CGC
sire: Am/Can Ch Dells Walking Thunder CGC
CHIC#61179 - OFA plus Trachea study
dam: Dells Moonlight Frolic (Lucy)
RN, CGC, CGN (10 pts)
OFA trachea & spinal studies
Willi is working toward her Rally Advanced and Graduate Novice performance titles. She will enter the breed ring during 2010, when we go out of state. The past 12 months she entered six shows in New Mexico; no competition, no points.
We are very proud of Willi's health record. She is the only OFA/CHIC female bulldog with "hips-good."

Puppies at 1 day old:
Willi and her pups now have their own page, click here to see it.


Ultrasound at 25 days

Dells Mountain Daisy CGC
sire: Ch Little Ponds Last Stand (Custer) (pedigree)
dam: Dells Moonlight Frolic (Lucy)
RN, CGC, CGN (10 pts)
OFA trachea & spinal studies
Daisy has had some obedience training and will enter the breed and performance rings during 2010, when we hit the road. We are unable to get any breed points in New Mexico with the present AKC point system.
Started major OFA test in fall 2009 but, Daisy came in heat sooner than expected. She received her OFA patella (BU-PA209/37F). Waiting for her cardiac certificate. Balance of her test are on hold.
Daisy was bred the last week of October, 2009. Daisy will be expecting her first litter Christmas weekend.
More info if confirmed around Thanksgiving.
Daisy did not have any pups. At four weeks pregnant she was carrying +/- 5 potential pups but by eight weeks she had absorbed all of them. The joys (and expense!) of breeding bulldogs.
Back to reality. Willi is due in heat during January. Stay tuned. See above!

Dellitebull Girl Next Door
sire: Ch Little Ponds Last Stand (Custer) (pedigree)
dam: Dells Moonlight Frolic (Lucy)
RN, CGC, CGN (10 pts)
OFA trachea & spinal studies
Dixie has received her OFA hip-good certification. There are only two CHIC female Bulldogs in the USA with that rating and they are both our breeding and they are half sisters. Dixie is CHIC# 63954 and is OFA trachea normal. No known health problems at this time.
She acts like a Jack Russell Terrier in a Bulldog suit. Dixie is a real live-wire. She never stops.
Meanwhile she is getting obedience classes over and over again. She knows everything but, when she gets to a trial, she turns her ears off and watches the birds.
Every Bulldogger should have the experince of being owned by a Dixie.

We will breed Dixie within a month or so.

Lucy and Harry
Dam and grandsire of Daisy, Willie, and Dixie
(Ch Dells Silver Lining RN (OFA)
X Am/Can Ch Dellitebull Dreamcatcher (OFA))

OFA trachea and spinal studies )
Div IV Ambassador of Health Platinum,
Health Pioneer
(Am/Can Ch Dellitebull Cool Paw Luke CD (OFA)
X Can Ch Buckshot Beulah)

(OFA)Div IV Ambassador of Health Platinum,
Health Pioneer

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